Restore Eugene believes you are called to live differently, and make a difference in our world.  Do not go-it-alone.  Come experience a community where all are welcome, where we all value restoration and recovery, and where all are working for peace with justice. 



Come experience amazing local musicians, poets, and other artists!


Come be a part of a community where all are welcome, and all are working for a more vibrant Eugene.  



There can be no peace, without justice.  There will be no justice, if we do not work together to create a community that models love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulnens, and self control.  

Our Sunday evening worship is taking a break for the summer! 

You can always find the most current opportunites to connect with Restore on our site here!   


Often we gather Sundays at 5:00pm for music and a time for reflection, followed by a home-cooked meal at 6:00pm.  All are welcome - just as you are!  We will have fun childcare for the kiddo's, and amazing music that you will want to invite your friends to experience.  We meet in the chapel of The First United Methodist Church of Eugene - 1376 Olive.  More details here:


Eugene is an amazing place!


We live at the intersection of beautiful outdoor destinations, a city filled with amazing artists, and several college campuses that bring diversity and intellectual energy to our neighborhoods.  Eugene is the kind of place that prepares people to change the world.  

Check out upcoming opportunities to serve here:



Whether it is volunteering at Food for Lane County, Occupy Medical, the HIV Alliance, or Women's Space - there is a place for you to serve at Restore.

Is there anything better than hiking around Eugene? 


Seriously... whether it is sunrise, sunset, or anytime in between - and whether it is Skinner, Spencer or Pisgah - we live in Eugene, and these treasures are amazing gifts that can help our souls, our minds, our bodies, our selves restore.  Check out our next hike here:




What are you ready to stand up and defend?  For what are you ready to go to jail?  We are called to live differently, and make a difference in the world - and that can lead us to uncomfortable, even dangerous places.  But we believe that we are called to stand up for the least and the lost.  There can be no peace, without justice.  Come be a part of movement for a more just Eugene.